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Avia Blu Services

Station Management Services

  • Station set-up and Opening
  • Administration Support
  • Airport and Local Authority Liaison
  • Loadmaster Services - including Loadplanning / weight and balance
  • Special loads
  • Warehouse Supervision
  • Ramp Supervision
  • Post-Flight Reporting
  • Annual and Ad Hoc Station Auditing - including contracted service providers
  • Monitoring of Standard Operating Procedures and Compliance
  • Collection and collation of auditable data
  • Enforcement of Standards and Procedures with contracted service providers
  • On-Time Performance (OTP) measurement and monitoring
  • Maximisation of resources and waste reduction
  • Monitoring of station budgets
Special Loads
  • Loadability - Theoretical load studies, inspections and operational loading events
  • Station Training for ground-based staff
  • Loadmaster courses tailored to each airlines requirement by our own in-house team
  • Co-ordination with Government agencies, airport authorities, contracted service providers and customers

Operations Management Services

  • Ramp Supervision
  • Warehouse Supervision
  • Load Planning
  • Weight and Balance
  • Receipt, assembly and delivery of flight documentation
  • Aircraft Loadmaster Duties
  • Ground Security Co-ordinator
  • Crew Co-ordination
  • Crew Transport
  • Hotel Reservations
  • Crew Alerts
  • Catering Services
  • Slot Co-ordination
  • Post-Flight Reporting
  • ULD Control
  • Co-ordination of third-party service providers
  • Outsize Load Inspections
  • Loadability Studies
  • Check-In Supervision
  • Passenger Service Duty Managers
  • On-Flight Representation
  • Fiscal Representation
  • Airport Passenger Duty (APD) processing